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Standing With Belgium

Standing With Belgium

I am going off topic a bit today, but I am deeply saddened to hear about the terrorist attacks in Brussels (and I felt like I wanted to somehow express myself).  I wish we could live in a world where people who hope to spread ideas of fear and hate don’t win. Let’s hope that peace and understand can overcome.
I hope that DAESH can be stopped.  In the meantime,  I will live my life as always. I would rather have a short life full of adventure than a long life controlled by fear.  I just hope my adventures will broaden my horizons and give me a better understanding of my fellow man.


Back to Blogging

The last few months have been tough at our house and I’ve had to step away from the blog for a while.  Shortly after my last post here, we found out that Tucker had a tumor in his nasal cavity & we ended up having to euthanize him on October 13th.  I will share some more details about saying goodbye to him in another blog post (coming soon).  The last few months have been tough without him, but I’m choosing to remember him with joy instead of sorrow.  Tucker was the light of my life & I was truly blessed to have so many years with him.

I never really thought that Emmit was particularly attached to Tucker & he didn’t particularly mourn Tucker’s death.  I am actually glad that Emmit’s doing well, because I don’t think my heart could have taken seeing Emmit sad.  I would actually say that Emmit’s thriving as an only dog.  His Dad & I are seeing new aspects of personality coming out & he’s better on walks (most likely because his humans are more relaxed).

It’s definitely taking a few months, but we’re finding our new normal.  I guess now we’re just life with one old dog (but we’ll keep the blog name the same).